Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I am indeed the owner of a brand new groovy pair of "Victoria Blue" Converse low top shoes!
They are my new "Adventure Shoes".
If you click on THIS LINK it will take you to a post I did in April of 2010 about another pair of Converse shoes of mine.
Well back to the new ones... They are just so wonderfully blue! I think blue will be the new lime green ;)
When before I stepped into the store I had the intention of buying orange high tops.
But as you may have guessed they didn't have any :(

 I think Emma's style of photography is rubbing off on me...

 Okay so now that I've got a new pair I thought I would show you my extensive 
collection of amazing Converse...  
The pair with the green laces are my "knock off" pair so they don't count.
Now after some extensive research I found something very interesting...
In the last 3 1/2 years I have acquired four pairs of "real" Converse and the cost adds
up to a grad total of about $120.00.

 Here are the famous green shoes... they are completely thrashed.
They are being retired only to be brought out when I need "adventure" shoes
but mud will also be present. 

 Oh and while we where at the store I found this awesome pair of "Gothic Grape"
They are Emma's new "Adventure Shoes"
So be on the look out for a new video featuring our new shoes!

Here is our entire collection... almost.

Thanks for reading!


Phyllis said...

I know of an adventure coming up that will be a great time for shoe picture taking. Maybe my new shoes could be in the adventure picture even though they are not converse. Ha ha

Melissa G. said...

I saw a pair of blue ones in TJMax a couple weeks ago for $25. I totally should have gotten then and then we'd have matching adventure shoes!