Thursday, July 14, 2011


Saturday is our first show! YAY! Rachie and I have been cleaning tack and organizing the tack area of our basement tonight. Tomorrow we have a day of practise scheduled. The show will be held at Watergap Stables. It's a nice atmosphere, the people are nice, and there are not too many entries so it doesn't take hours to go through one class. Rachel and I are taking Sandy and Liberty and are going to be riding in most of the events. The only classes we will not be in will be the jumping classes. Barrels, Poles, and 50 yd dash are three of the events I'm looking forward to the most and Rachie says that she is looking forward to the same ones.
It will be fun to have a sister there with her pony so we can hangout and ride together in between classes and not have to keep swapping riders.

I will be taking my camera so I'll try to get a bunch of pictures and post them either Saturday  night or Monday.
However our desktop is still acting up so I have to use either my mom's laptop or Patrick McFail and who knows how he will do with the size of my pictures.

Thanks for reading!



Mrs.Rabe said...

This is a fun place for a show! I am looking forward to it!


hisewerachel said...

I am so excited for you & Rachel. I can't wait to read about the show & see pictures!!!

Kelly said...

I'm sorry we couldn't be there. I'm looking forward to coming to the one in September again.