Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello my very few readers!
Sorry for the absence but time flies when your.... doing something... slightly productive... anyway... Moving on.
This is basically going to be a long rambling post about just whatever I think of posting..
So here we go. 

Rachel's pony is settling in nicely and has now taken the number two spot in the heard(of 3) and so poor Cheyenne is now the low horse on the horse totem pole. Rachel and I are excited because we have our first show on Saturday! YAY! And Liberty will be going with us :)
Sarah's birthday was today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!!!! She is very excited because she got her very own, amazing, wonderful, out of tune violin! along with a fun day at Grandma & Grandpa's house. Swimming, Playing with friends and having tea and cupcakes are only a few of the amazing services offered at Camp Geezer...   
Then this evening the ladies of our church(or several of them) went out to Angela's Cafe to celebrate the young women who have recently either graduated or turned 16. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! After our meal we older, wiser, all knowing women shared some of our very good advice and offered our wonderful counsel to the lovely young ladies free of charge ;)

Our family desktop computer has been having mental problems. It has this habit of just shutting off no matter what you are doing with/to it... so the first bit of this post was done on that then I had to pull out Patrick McFail. He is a very old Microsoft Windows 98 laptop that a friend gave us a few years ago. His copyright is dated at 1985-1999. His battery has long been dead and will not charge so you have to have him plugged in. He recently has been an avid dust collector in my room and is very useful for just about... Nothing...

Anyway I hope you are all having a great summer and enjoying the heat or lack there of :)



Becky K. said...

I greatly enjoyed this post....It is nice to catch up.
And you are going to tune Sarah's violing, aren't you?

Lindsay said...

Thanks Mrs. K!

Yes I tuned Sarah's violin. She had her first "Lesson" today but I need to buy her a new chin rest and shoulder rest. She was SO excited!

Thanks for stopping by!