Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I am indeed the owner of a brand new groovy pair of "Victoria Blue" Converse low top shoes!
They are my new "Adventure Shoes".
If you click on THIS LINK it will take you to a post I did in April of 2010 about another pair of Converse shoes of mine.
Well back to the new ones... They are just so wonderfully blue! I think blue will be the new lime green ;)
When before I stepped into the store I had the intention of buying orange high tops.
But as you may have guessed they didn't have any :(

 I think Emma's style of photography is rubbing off on me...

 Okay so now that I've got a new pair I thought I would show you my extensive 
collection of amazing Converse...  
The pair with the green laces are my "knock off" pair so they don't count.
Now after some extensive research I found something very interesting...
In the last 3 1/2 years I have acquired four pairs of "real" Converse and the cost adds
up to a grad total of about $120.00.

 Here are the famous green shoes... they are completely thrashed.
They are being retired only to be brought out when I need "adventure" shoes
but mud will also be present. 

 Oh and while we where at the store I found this awesome pair of "Gothic Grape"
They are Emma's new "Adventure Shoes"
So be on the look out for a new video featuring our new shoes!

Here is our entire collection... almost.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Max Likes Gold Fish

Max is our new kitten! Well... I say new but we've had him for awhile now... 
But that's not the point, the point is..
He likes to play with them....

 And he likes to lick all the salt off of them...

Then he looks like this after eating them!

Best face ever!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Night Ride...

Well its been a while! But I'm back with yet another "Horsie Post" try to stay with me. I will try to make this more interesting... Enjoy!

So as the title suggests this all happened at around 8:00 PM Monday night.
I would like to break now for a lovely quote from my Mom's blog... "While we were visiting by the fire the girls got the horses out to ride for a while. We had quite a scare when Liberty  bolted with Emily on her back - Emily is a very good rider but she bailed off into some bushes.  After chasing her down, Lindsay and Rachel were getting the saddles off etc, when Liberty bolted again and ended up across a busy road nearby.  She apparently went back and forth across this highway several times before she got tired and let Lindsay who was riding Sandy bareback catch her.  We are thankful that she was not hit by a vehicle!"

I will now give you the entire story and start from the beginning.
Libby bolted and I, having already taken Sandy's saddle off, jumped onto Sandy bareback and dashed heroically off to retrieve her... then after some cunning and bravery on my part, and that of my faithful steed, I nearly succeeded in capturing the renegade pony. However said pony is very smart and evaded capture as she made for the nearest highway!

I will now pause for a moment before I continue in my tale for a brief moment of reality... This highway is very busy! As we got closer there where trucks and various other large vehicles zooming past! Many a neighbor's dog has fallen crossing that fateful road... I will now resume my story...

The entire ride thus far was taken up with me begging God to cause Renegade to repent of her evil ways and turn home. However by the time we had trotted the 1/4 mile to the highway no cars could be seen on the road. I and my faithful steed therefore continued our pursuit of the pony down a very steep driveway on the other side of the road. Only to find many wrecked cars and the sort of place only the most heroic of knights would dare venture! I urged my steed into a faster pace as we closed the gap between us and the renegade pony. Only to be defeated by a rather large shrub of unusual kind. As the pony stopped to survey her new surroundings, by the said shrub, I cunningly slid from my horses back and crept stealth-fully towards the unsuspecting renegade.

Another reality check... Libby was trying to eat the shrub. I was trying to avoid being shot by any of the many rednecks who live near by and at the same time follow the renegade pony and catch her by the reins.

OK and back again.... I cunningly slid from my horses back and crept stealth-fully towards the unsuspecting renegade.... She caught sight of me just in time to dash to one side leaving me defeated by the shrub... I was now in a land of hills, going up and down, but always more up then down. I pursued that wee horse through brier, wood, and field until at last we reached the highway again... now by this time my faithful charger was growing tired and weary of hoof. I was leading her by trails only the best woodsman or ranger could find and still the renegade evaded us. Yet due to her great girth and weight she was indeed very easy to track. As we neared the highway I observed two cars traveling in opposite directions upon this busy road.

OK so now I'm going to rate this post at PG-13 you have been warned!

The cars continued one there paths. Libby dashed out into the street. I, for I was sure she was going to collide with the car, squinted and turned away only to hear the squealing of tires. The driver was able to stop the vehicle a mere 8 feet from Libby! Libby then continued her journey to the other side of the highway...
At this point I crossed the road and remounted my steed. And nearly succeeded in cornering her only to have her dash between two shrubs and bolt down the mountain side! I urged my mare to follow her and as we reached the base on the mountain I saw the Renegade dashing across the highway again!

This highway stuff is getting old... someone tell this writer to just dump the highway! How many times can a munchkin horse nearly die on that road?! And to that I'm going to say... Just let me finish! We are about two thirds or more into this! Just be patient! You should be glad this is one of the longest posts I have ever done and only two months between posts! So....

Now as the renegade pony crossed the highway, for the third time that night, she made for a small lane. It was unfortunately a very steep, rocky lane and she slid for about ten feet before safely reaching the bottom of it. My steed was about to bravely plunge down the lane when I spotted a green sward along the side and made for it. My horse was very thankful and was able to close the gap quite quickly. As we came up along side the pony she knew that we would take her back and lock her in a pen where she would never be able to have what her heart has always longed for... to be a wild mustang on the western plains and feel the wind in her face! She then decided that the only chance of escape was to start galloping across an open lawn. We gave chase and soon caught up to her and caused her to changed course and traverse a well worn trail behind a small residence and back around the front. Twice we traversed the same trail and twice she barely escaped my grasp.
We then followed her down the lane again and just when I was resigned to riding through the night chasing her, wondering how far we could travel in one night, the renegade slowed and so I, in my cunning way, slipped to one side of my charger and grasped the reins of Libby.
She was caught! I then had to contrive a way of getting her home without further harm. So after a few moments I decided that I would grace Libby's head with the use of my faithful chargers halter and use Libby's reins on Sandy's bridle. Now I know from my many travels that there is a beast that lives in the field next to where we stopped. My steed in not afraid of anything except maybe this beast. However she was the bravest of brave and did not blink at anything beast or otherwise until we where ready to leave.

It was at this point in my adventure that I remounted my mare, turned for home, and started off. Now as we where walking back up to the highway I saw a small truck turn down the lane. It appeared to be of the same make and model as my father's truck. It was indeed my father's truck! Emma, Kay, and Rachel had found us! they then escorted us home to Creek-Side Cottage.

And that concludes my amazing, crazy, night ride. Libby and Sandy safe in the pasture and all is right with the world.

Thanks for reading!