Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Show

Saturday was great! We had alot of fun just hanging out and riding.
Our friends the Westbrooks came and Rosie and Grace rode their ponies.

The first two "classes" where Gamblers Choice and High Jump. In Gamblers Choice is where you get 1-2 minutes to jump as many jumps as you can and each jump has a point value the person with the most points wins. High Jump is where they have one jump and they raise it untill either your horse refuses or nocks a pole down. Rachel and I didn't do either of these classes.

Third was called "Keyhole" basically the have a small box(made up of traffic cones) and you have to ride down into the box turn around and ride back. If you go outside the box you get a "no time" and are disqualified.
I was hoping to win or place high in this event but Sandy wouldn't go faster then a medium canter! However I ended up with 4th place and a time of 18.2 seconds so I can't complain. Rachel had a similar problem with Liberty. You are going to hate this but Rachel didn't write her times or what classes on the back of the ribbon so we don't remember if she got a ribbon or not.

Next was "Pole Bending". In this you have 6 poles set in a straight line down the middle of the arena and they are spaced 21 feet apart. then you have to run down to the last pole go around it and weave down through them and back up then run straight back. Well this even started out horribly but I managed to weave through the pole cantering so that saved a lot of time and then galloped back to the start line. I ended up with 6th and a time of 36.3 seconds, 3 seconds slower then last year :( Rachel I believe placed in this one but again I'm not sure.

Then it was 50 yard dash. It's easy to describe. Basically you have one barrel and you race down around it and back. No ribbons :( But it was fun! And I learned some valuable things from it.

Rachel and Libby(Aka Liberty) Starting out for the Pole Bending
Sixth was Barrel Racing! One of my favorites! I find it easiest to explain by showing a picture of this pattern.

The only thing I do differently is I start with the barrel on the left so I only have to make one left turn.

As I said before I was having trouble with Sandy not galloping so Mrs. Westbrook offered the use of their Dressage whip. So off I go and what does Sandy do? She runs it with a time of 23.1! Now that might sound slow and well it is depending on the course. The closest time to our at that time was a 26.6 (I might be wrong about the .6 part. But it was a 26) So Sandy and I had 1st until the insane horse came and got a 22.8! Well we got second! And for the rest of the day guess who decided to gallop?
Now I feel like I've not said enough about how great Rachel and Liberty did. Liberty was so calm the entire day and as it was her first show I was impressed. Now she may be over wheight but she can move! She barreled ;) around the course and ended up with 4th and I believe the time was something like 31 or 32 seconds.

Ok so next was "speed ball".For this event they take the last barrel from the Barrel Racing and place a bucket-like container on the top of it. Then they hand you a tennis ball and you have to race down around the barrel and place, drop or throw the ball into the container. If you drop the ball, nock the barrel over or otherwise don't get the ball into the container you are disqualified. 
Sandy and Me.

If you look closely at the picture you can see the container on the barrel. The picture is at an odd angle because it was much farther to the barrel than it looks.
Now comes the part where I boast about the 2nd place a got and complain about the crazy horse who once again smashed my dreams of a lovely blue ribbon. Rachel got 4th in this event and beat the Westbrook girls. It was a theme in about 3 of the events where the three of them would finish 4,5,6 or something like that and so far Rachie, while she enjoyed herself, found her self at the end of the lineup and never it seemed infront of her friends.

This is a picture of Sandy and Me doing egg and spoon.
Now we get to the bit of the show where they anounced the Champion and Reserve Champion for both the Speed division and the Fun division. Now Much to my great supprise I was anounced Reserve Champion of the Speed division! I am used to being the low rider of the show and rarely making it past a few ribbons of varying places and so therefore never a contender for the Championship.

After that we did Egg & Spoon where, as you may have guessed, you have to ride around the ring while holding a raw egg on a plastic spoon.   
Last year Sandy and I managed to take first but alas this year was our year for seconds... Not that I'm complaining! Poor Rachel unfortunately didn't get very far as Libby has a very bumpy pony trot. It was her downfall in the next event too.

And last but not least was the infamouse Dollar Bareback BYOD (bring your own dollar). Last time I competed in this event I ended up with Sandy galloping around the arena and then depositing me into a pile of... lets just say... horse "stuff"... Not fun. But this time I ended up being in the top 5-6. Like I said before poor Rachel... Libby is just not a good dollar bareback or egg and spoon kind of pony. But as it is called a fun show we can truely say we had fun.

Well I hope you enjoyed this horribly boring and long post. I'm sorry about the lack of photos but I was riding most of the time and the few I have are..."borrowed" from my mom's blog....

Thanks for reading!

Rachel and Libby

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Saturday is our first show! YAY! Rachie and I have been cleaning tack and organizing the tack area of our basement tonight. Tomorrow we have a day of practise scheduled. The show will be held at Watergap Stables. It's a nice atmosphere, the people are nice, and there are not too many entries so it doesn't take hours to go through one class. Rachel and I are taking Sandy and Liberty and are going to be riding in most of the events. The only classes we will not be in will be the jumping classes. Barrels, Poles, and 50 yd dash are three of the events I'm looking forward to the most and Rachie says that she is looking forward to the same ones.
It will be fun to have a sister there with her pony so we can hangout and ride together in between classes and not have to keep swapping riders.

I will be taking my camera so I'll try to get a bunch of pictures and post them either Saturday  night or Monday.
However our desktop is still acting up so I have to use either my mom's laptop or Patrick McFail and who knows how he will do with the size of my pictures.

Thanks for reading!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello my very few readers!
Sorry for the absence but time flies when your.... doing something... slightly productive... anyway... Moving on.
This is basically going to be a long rambling post about just whatever I think of posting..
So here we go. 

Rachel's pony is settling in nicely and has now taken the number two spot in the heard(of 3) and so poor Cheyenne is now the low horse on the horse totem pole. Rachel and I are excited because we have our first show on Saturday! YAY! And Liberty will be going with us :)
Sarah's birthday was today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!!!! She is very excited because she got her very own, amazing, wonderful, out of tune violin! along with a fun day at Grandma & Grandpa's house. Swimming, Playing with friends and having tea and cupcakes are only a few of the amazing services offered at Camp Geezer...   
Then this evening the ladies of our church(or several of them) went out to Angela's Cafe to celebrate the young women who have recently either graduated or turned 16. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! After our meal we older, wiser, all knowing women shared some of our very good advice and offered our wonderful counsel to the lovely young ladies free of charge ;)

Our family desktop computer has been having mental problems. It has this habit of just shutting off no matter what you are doing with/to it... so the first bit of this post was done on that then I had to pull out Patrick McFail. He is a very old Microsoft Windows 98 laptop that a friend gave us a few years ago. His copyright is dated at 1985-1999. His battery has long been dead and will not charge so you have to have him plugged in. He recently has been an avid dust collector in my room and is very useful for just about... Nothing...

Anyway I hope you are all having a great summer and enjoying the heat or lack there of :)