Friday, June 24, 2011

Pony Pictures

Rachel's getting a pony! The pony is a 7-8 year old shetland mare and stands about 13 hands(ish) . She's so cute(and smart)!
We went to see her 1-2 weeks ago and worked her for about 3 and a half hours.
Her name, as of right  now, is Little Horse. Her current owners bought her about 5 years ago and when
they asked if she had a name the man who owned her said he just called her "Little Horse". They said they had planned on changing it but the name stuck.
We are thinking she will need a new name. My mom and grandma think we should name her "Pippa". Please feel free to leave any name suggestions in the comments. I'm not sure she looks like a Pippa...
Here is Rachel riding "Little Horse"
This was at the end of the three hours and after a trail ride/hike.
Rachel had so much fun riding her! In almost every picture she was smiling!
  Rachel was very happy she didn't need a mounting block to get on bareback.

One thing I failed to mention was that she is 4 hours away! So we will be borrowing a friends' 12 passenger van so our whole family can go to get her. We will also be visiting my dad's Aunt who lives near Pittsburgh.

I'm very happy for Rachel she has been wanting a pony of her own for so long and now she will have one!
I'm also looking forward to being able to take grandpa for trail rides and have Rachel go as well.
Now that I have added way too many exclamation marks!!! And bored you to death with my random long run on sentences I will leave you to ponder what the meaning of what the word "hands" has to do with horses.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Random Florida Pictures

A sunset from the roof of the motel we stayed in.

Here are a several pictures from our trip to Florida.
A tree.

 "At 182' above sea level Mt. Dora is Florida's equivalent to a mountain top town."

 This is a statue of.... someone.... and Emma decided to copy it.

 Just kidding!

And yet another sunset.

I hope you enjoyed this 30 second tour of a very limited part of Florida.
Please visit again soon!

Friday, June 10, 2011


 Hey sorry I haven't posted for a while but well....I guess I don't have an excuse... Soooo anyway.... here are a bunch of very random/stupid/crazy/umm.... yeah they are pictures that I have accumulated over the last several months. Enjoy.
Yes that is my name... yes I was bored... yes it is a piece of paper that I cutout and then taped to a piece of cardboard and then stuck into the seam between the floor boards and photographed the shadow that was caused by the sunlight coming through the window.

Emma and Mom
Rachel and Sarah... Jumping in the gulf of Mexico

I love this one! oh and by the way it's Emma's foot.

Thanks for reading!