Friday, June 10, 2011


 Hey sorry I haven't posted for a while but well....I guess I don't have an excuse... Soooo anyway.... here are a bunch of very random/stupid/crazy/umm.... yeah they are pictures that I have accumulated over the last several months. Enjoy.
Yes that is my name... yes I was bored... yes it is a piece of paper that I cutout and then taped to a piece of cardboard and then stuck into the seam between the floor boards and photographed the shadow that was caused by the sunlight coming through the window.

Emma and Mom
Rachel and Sarah... Jumping in the gulf of Mexico

I love this one! oh and by the way it's Emma's foot.

Thanks for reading!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Nice photos!

I'm glad to have a post from you!


Becky K. said...

Where have you been??????

Come around more often. I enjoy your photos....even/especially those as random and funny as these.

Emma* said...

"oh and by the way it's Emma's foot"?!?!?!

Aye (curumba)!!! lol.

Phyllis said...

Well finally!!! Cute pics.

Nigel Andreola said...

I really like the photo with shadow. Totally cool. Also the one with Rachel and Sarah is really good. I love how their hair is blowing all over the place and you captured each individual water droplet in the ocean spray.

Ann said...

Welcome back, Lindsay :-)
I was told about your blog and have been over a couple of times to snoop around while you were away!
Very cool :-)
Have a good evening,

Crystal said...

Great pictures!

I've never seen that trick w/the foot & sunglasses LOL FUNNY :-D

the shadow of your name is cool