Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh how many, many curls you meet...

Yesterday Emma had this crazy idea that she would like to experiment with "Perm" Curlers.
Don't ask me why.

This is how many she had in her hair!
She decided next time she was not going to use the little gray ones in the front.

Her hair was in no hurry to dry and she was dying to see what it looked like.
So she used the air vent!
I was not going to be the one to tell her that the air was turned off.

Obviously someone told her...
And they are STILL not dry.
Finally The Ever Brilliant,Wise, Amazing,Wonderful, Smart,Humble Lindsay
said "Why don't you just use the blow dryer?"
Here is the ever lovely Emma with the blow dryer.

More Emma

The next day... TA-DA! Curly hair! She unfortunately would not let
me take a picture of what the front looked like :( But let me tell you it could have made you laugh for worked for me.
Her hair did relax and now it is very cute and I like it.

So for all of you out there the moral of this story is : If you need to dry your hair make sure your air conditioning is turned on first.