Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Really Random...

OK this is overly random but I found this picture from when we were in Missouri.
This is Leopold the Duck. Yes I named him, no I was not allowed to keep him :(


Becky K. said...

He was very happy and surely in charge of something very important in MO.
Leopold is a very handsome duck.

Becky K.

Mrs.Rabe said...

That was random!

I happen to know you have all kinds of great photos - you need to post more often, or I will be forced to post for you again!


Emily said...

Oh, Leo!!

He was cute!

And you can't forget Fredrick! He was cool too:-D

Autumn said...

Once, we had ducks come to our house and I name them Englebert and Martha.

Autumn said...

I would continue with the pointless comments, but word verification gets old after awhile. =)

Anonymous said...

I remember Leopold!! He's cute!!