Monday, May 3, 2010

For Chelsea!

Yes I am still alive. Sorry about not posting for a while. I was having trouble with blogger. Now that I have all of that done Here are some pictures from several weeks ago when we went to a park with some friends.
Chelsea requested that I do a post about our fun trip so here it is!

Most of the pictures are from a hike that some of the teens went on.

Here are Emma and Chelsea posing as we where walking in the creek. The non-fun teens stayed on the bank and walked on dry ground...How boring.

This is Chelsea's "Hero" Pose in front of the Susquehanna river.

The non-fun teens decided that they wanted to go rock climbing. So being ever so kind and nice Chelsea, Jonathan and I followed... Well We found a better way... Well a less fun way but a "Safer" way. So this is Chelsea climbing up the cliff.

Oh this is Chelsea showing off her amazing jumping skills.

I love this one! It is Emma jumping off a swing!

This is the Amazing Chelsea sliding down the slide... I always thought that was a good way to get to the bottom of a slide.

Posing by the waterfall.

This is the awesome Rachel. Oh and Chelsea's feet.

Um wow yeah this is my insane sister... we learned that we should never let her near the swings again... unless I have my camera :)


Mrs.Rabe said...

The photo of Rachel jumping off the swing is amazing!

And Emma is so fun and so is Chelsea!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Linny! I saw the post title was "For Chelsea" and I was like "what? OH! YAYYYY!" I feel so special and loved. I LOVE the pictures! Those ones of Emma and Rachel pulling stunts on the swings are awesome!


Anonymous said...

Great post!!!
Thanks for asking for it, Chelsea!

Phyllis said...

Wow Rachel was really high. What a great picture. You should check Costco. I think their photo contest begins in June. You should enter something. You take awesome pictures with your awesome camera.

Becky K. said...

I just found this post. How fun!

You girls are amazing. You have the most fun together!

Emily said...

I forgot you posted this! HAHA! Haven't been on for a while. Anywho..

In Chelsea's 'hero' pic, it looks like that boat is going to run into her! And why are we the 'non-fun' teens?!?! We are more adventurous...thats all! :-D

Glad you finally posted this!

Kelly said...

Fun photos! The one of Rachel jumping off of the swing is fantastic! Also, were you lying on the ground under Emily to capture her jumping off of the swing the way you did? That's what it looks like.

Anonymous said...

I like the one of me Chels's feet, and "insane Emma".