Monday, December 28, 2009

Longwood pictures

Today we went to Longwood Gardens. It was cold and windy but it is supposed to be the best day of the week so my parents decided to go today.

Here is one of the many Christmas trees they have decorated right now.

This is what you get when you say "Hey Sarah pose".

Hey Look another tree! It took forever to get a good shot of it because all the people are trying to get pictures of it.

In the conservatory they have a Music Room that they decorate each year.
This year it was amazing!

Here is one of the tables. I love the way they have them decorated!

At each end of the room they have these wreaths. One was above the fireplace and the other above one of the doors.

This is the meadow. My Dad, Emma, Rachel, Sarah and Kyle walked around it while my Mom and I went the the conservatory( I like our idea better).

This is Dad, Rachel and Sarah walking on a wall near one of the tree houses.

Here is one of the tree houses that Longwood built. They made four of them and each one is made from different types of wood they reclaimed or imported.
They are all built around the tree not in them so that they can be taken down and they won't hurt the tree.

This shot is looking down from the top of the "Birdhouse".

This is the Nature tree that our co-op decorated. We made a lot of little bundles of seed pods and other edible things for the birds and other wildlife.

Here are Sarah and Kyle walking on a stone wall.

This is a cat we found in side the du Pont house.

The poor has to lay around all day(In the warm house) and have people pet it and scratch it. Yep it has a hard life.


Anonymous said...

haha, love the "hey Sarah pose" and the cat is so cute!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Your pictures are so much better than mine! sigh...

It is always so beautiful there.

Emily said...

I actually liked our 'meadow walking' idea! It was cold but fun!

Lindsay said...

Yeah the cat was funny it slept right through the flash going off in its face.

Kelly said...

Nice photos! Gotta love Sarah -- she is the epitome of "Strike a pose"!

Did it look like any little critters had nibbled at the decorations on the tree your co-op decorated?

Lindsay said...

some of the things looked like they had been pecked at a little. We could not get close to them they had them roped off.

Anonymous said...

I love the "Hey Sarah pose" too!

I like all the pics