Friday, December 11, 2009

Girls Day Out!

About two years ago Emma and I and some friends started going Christmas shopping together with our Grandma(we drag her with us). So this year we did a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house too!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!

So here are some pictures from Thursday.

"E Squared" at Pizza Hut. I am not really sure what was going on with them...they are probably the only ones who know.

Here is L. with some strange hat I made her put on.

And here is Chelsea posing in a not so strange hat she chose.
Okay I have to say it is much better than the one I made her try on.

Here are the 5 of us at dinner. Sorry I did not have any pictures of Grandma I had one but she told me to delete it.

After we went shopping we went back to Grandma's and ate chips, pumpkin roll, and leftover Pizza. Then we did line dancing and watched "The Village" until after 1:00 am.
It was so much fun!!


kaitlin said...

hey i thought grandma was going to take a cardboard cut out of me ask her why she didnt grr just kidding.


Becky K. said...

I know one girl who had a very, very good time!!!
Chelsea looks forward to this sooo much!
Thanks guys!

Mrs. K

Anonymous said...

Linny, great pics!
Haha, I like my choice of hat better too! :)


Emily said...

Lindsay I think it is probably better not to ask what we were doing:) Because the truth is...I don't remember:-/