Thursday, July 23, 2009


Tonight I was working with/taking pictures of my horse Sandy. She is a little hard to take pictures of because she gets REALLY close to the camera!


She likes getting close and sniffing my camera.

I like this one of her.
Yes it is blurry but it still looks cool.

Here is Rachel riding her bareback.

And here are her "Wild Horse" Pictures

She's so pretty.

All I did was ask for a little more speed and this is what I got!

See she likes my camera.

Here are some videos from tonight of my cousin and Rachel Riding.

OK so I had a little trouble getting the videos in the right order
this one should be first.

This was Rachel's inspiration for cantering. The last time we tried cantering she was NOT having fun.


Melissa said...

Hi Lindsay! I'm really happy that you started a blog too!
I'm looking forward to seeing all your photography!

Sandy is so pretty!

Emily said...


I LOVE your pictures! I have an idea.. put a bug in Mom's ear that I NEED a camera like yours! hee hee

Oh and I LOVE the first 'Wild Horse' picture:)

Anonymous said...

Sandy is such a pretty horse. I know she brings you such pleasure. God is good.

I love you. Grandma

Anonymous said...

Poor Katie.